Thursday, May 26, 2022

Where it will go

I'm supposing to be recording my radio talk but George is lying in the hall barking. I took him in the garden and he had a wee but now he's just woofing. So I've given up for now.

I made the mistake of getting into a discussion on Facebook with a Conservative supporter about Johnson, the Prime Minister. I came away feeling literally sick. I resolved initially to take a Facebook break but it's my main source of contact with Nuora in Italy so I am reluctant. I very rarely do political posts - I'm not, as I've said many times, a political animal - but some things just force their way out.*

I'm torn between saying, "There's nothing I can do so I should just ignore all news sources," and "This is so terrible there must be something I can do." Common sense tells me the former is true though.

Then when I was dressing I was thinking about anti-Semitism via the "I remember Michael Foot who was Jeremy Corbyn without the anti-Semitism stains." (Michael Foot was leader of the Labour party for a few years in the 1980s. He was a man of principle but was never going to get into power because of his shambling stance and too much integrity.)

Anyway, I have a problem with anti-Semitism. Not the thing, the word. Every time I hear it I have to stop and think: is it good or bad?

I think my logic is twofold:
a) it ends in -ism. Racism is bad, sexism is bad;
b) it begins with anti- which is usually good. Anti-racism, anti-sexism.

Do you see where I'm coming from?

It's okay; I'm just trying to stop my mind from wandering where it will go, where it will go-o.

* Postscript
After resisting for as long as I could I finally answered back and felt much better for having put up a bit of a fight.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

I take full responsibility

Took out my crib notes for bible study last night and read, "Black cherry jam, butter . . . oh no! I've brought my shopping list by mistake!"

Fortunately my notes were at the other side of the pile but it made everyone laugh. Followed by some good discussion and lots of eating of cake - rice krispie cakes since you ask.

Spent this morning cooking chilli in Zac's and then caught the very end of the hockey tournament GrandSon1 was playing in. He'd never played hockey before but he seemed to enjoy it. Shudder, nasty dangerous game. My memories of playing it - on the top of a windswept hill in navy knickers - are all bad. 

The latest postbox topper. Very appropriate for a seaside destination.

Meanwhile I think nothing short of dynamite will get Johnson out of office. "I take full responsibility," but I've no intention of resigning.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Guess what!

Have come to the conclusion I have expensive tastes. All the statues I really like are in the thousands of pounds range and I can't really justify that on a whim.

Currently considering a Girl Reading statue and a Girl with Butterfly statue. Would really like the group one with Mum and two children but, as I say, a bit pricey. Also thinking about a large dandelion but it's one of those places that won't give you any idea of price. You have to ask. And as they say, if you have to ask you can't afford it.

* * * * * 

Last night I said to Husband, "Guess what? Bearing in mind that it's Tuesday tomorrow?"
He had a little think then said, "You're leading Zac's?"

The person who was going to lead it needs to be somewhere else now and as I'd already prepared the whole of chapter seven for last week - and we only got to verse fourteen - he wondered if I'd mind carrying on this week in his place.

I hope I get brownie points for this. 

Now to do some Welsh practice before dinner. Going away on holiday and not doing it for two weeks really threw me. That and the fact my brain isn't good at retaining knowledge. 

Rhaid i fi beidio boeni. I must not worry.

Now feeling I should have a photo I dipped into my stock at random.

Monday, May 23, 2022

I wish it were real

A memorial sign has been removed from a bench on the sea front in the west Wales town of Aberystwyth.

It was removed by the local council and apparently was a spoof sign but what a shame they took it down. I tell you some of the seagulls around the holiday resorts steal chips and fish out of people's hands, and can be very large and vicious-looking.

We don't have that sort of behaviour in Mumbles. So far.

This is your last chance

You can't say we didn't warn it.

For the last several years we've been saying, "Okay, produce fruit this year or next year you're going."

It has resolutely ignored us producing a single plum at the most. And always in an unreachable place where the only ones to benefit were the birds. So the plum tree has gone. At least most of it has. 

I had originally planned to replace it with a lilac bush but a) the best thing about lilacs is the scent and my sense of smell is disappearing along with my hearing; and b) now I've seen the space I have a hankering for a statue.

Or an arbour for sitting and pondering. Sadly though I fear not much sitting or pondering would be done so it's back to a statue. But what sort?

A fierce dragon? A courageous sword-wielding maiden? A  more classic naked man with jug of water? I shall have to browse. 

Or maybe a rose-covered arch? Or a bench plus statue/arch? Decisions, decisions.

* * * * 
I caught a snippet on the news while I was marinading my lamb for curry along the lines of, "Downing Street has admitted that it was them that requested a private meeting between Johnson and Sue Gray (the woman charged with producing a report on the alleged breaking of lockdown rules by those in government."

Initially it was claimed that Sue Gray requested the meeting, a claim she denied. Let me see, an independent investigator or Boris Johnson's government? Who to trust? It's so hard to decide.*

Along with others in this country I was amazed that Trump never got thrown out of office, that the scandals and stories never brought about his downfall. Now I see the same happening here. And this is why I don't commentate on politics very often. It's just too depressing.


Sunday, May 22, 2022

How does your garden grow?

I notice Blog Visitor Count seems to be down. That's all really. I'm not sure how accurate it is anyway. 

I just wrote, "As long as someone is reading it," and then I deleted it. I do love knowing some people read it and I'm incredibly grateful for my regular readers and commenters, but the blog exists primarily for me to empty my brain and serve as a reminder of when things happened. 

So that was apropos of nothing.

Before and after garden photos. Sadly Husband had to take over and do the planting but I shall claim it as all my work when they flourish or blame him if they fail.

When I say before I mean before planting not clearing. I should have taken a photo then when it was a mess and you would have been so impressed.

There is a blue/purple theme going on here. All being well and assuming I picked up the right plants.

And here are some of the things currently blooming in our garden.
That's as well as rhubarb and bindweed of course.

Elder Son and family came around yesterday afternoon and ES cooked a delicious chilli on the barbecue. I do enjoy being cooked for.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Jig a jig

I spent most of yesterday doing a jigsaw, my form of mindfulness, to take my mind off this one.

And here is the jigsaw.
I'll tell you a secret if you promise not to tell anyone. Two of the edge pieces are in the wrong place. I have had to force them in. I have searched but for the life of me I can't find any other edge pieces that seem to be wrong.

Hey ho. In between jigsaw-doing I popped to the shop and bought some plants. I have a hankering to rejig a tiny bit of garden. 

This morning I set out bright and early to start work clearing the section and I hadn't been going for more than five minutes when my back said, "I don't think so." 

Martyr that I am - I know, heroic is my middle name - I carried on digging but had to sit down to do it. I can sit and I can stand. It's getting between them that I am struggling with. 

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Storm troopers and life

First the regular George update. First the good news, since having two seizures in one day on Tuesday he's been seizure free. And he has a very good appetite.

But though he can walk reasonably well - except on slippery floors - if he tries to stand for any period of time - five seconds say - he falls down with a clunk. We keep telling him, "Either walk or sit, George!"

We have some new tablets now that may help reduce the frequency of seizures but it takes up to a month for it to settle and they may not work.

We are trying not to leave him alone. Of course at night we go to bed but, as has been shown, Husband will hear him if an attack starts. The diazepam is always at hand ready. 

I vary between thinking, "Are we being cruel? Are we keeping him alive for us?" and "Well, actually he seems quite happy now and we can't justify ending his life."

That said he has periods when he is agitated and barks for no apparent reason, and I wonder if he is suffering from mental distress. Then again, falling down, confusion and eating a lot could equally apply to me.

We did have sad news this morning. George's old friend, Willett, died. 

In other news, life has been busy as usual. Led Zac's on Tuesday, cooked on Wednesday, delivered food today, wrote and recorded my radio talk, all the normal things. Missing walks with George, and exercise class as both teachers are on holiday for almost all the month. Comfort eating plus lack of exercise equals a slightly podgy Liz. But I have better things to worry about at the moment.

I love this moment on a Thursday when I've recorded and sent off my talk and life settles down for a short while. I think I may join Husband in the garden this afternoon and sit and read. I could do something more useful but I can't be bothered! So there!

Also I've recently started playing Word Blitz. If you play do challenge me. I'm pretty rubbish so you're sure to win!

And did I tell you I spotted a storm trooper walking along the promenade the other day? Actually thinking about it, it was probably May 4th.