Wednesday, May 22, 2024

A logical fallacy

Four days of magnesium supplement, four nights broken sleep as per usual. So if it does prove to be helpful, it won't be a quick fix. I shall persevere until the end of the packet.

Admittedly much of last night's sleeplessness was caused by bible study, or rather by me coming up with what I should have said six hours earlier.

When someone asks if it's a bigger sin to hit a woman than a man you know study has been getting heated. Fortunately I wasn't the intended victim. That was our once regular Old Testament-profferer and Jesus-denier. She hasn't been for ages but came well prepared with loads of notes ready to contradict everything that was said. 

Different viewpoints and questions are fine, welcomed, but taking over the meeting to convince us we've all got it wrong isn't. We all know our faith isn't necessarily rational or logical; that's why it's called faith not fact. But we've chosen this path of belief and trust. 

But on the plus side, I controlled my reactions. As you know if you're a regular reader I struggle sometimes to do that and end up beating myself up for it. But last night I stayed comparatively calm; I left the getting annoyed to everyone else.

On the negative side, my brain doesn't work fast enough so I don't come up with the answers I should have given until half past two in the morning. 

I was a bit late arriving at Zac's because we had the most enormous thunderstorm and downpour. I refused to go out until it had calmed down a bit, but even so driving along the main road was hairy as the inside lane was completely flooded in several places. That was after a beautiful sunny and warm day. So driving home later it was like driving through a mist as steam was rising up from the road.


Anvilcloud said...

My mind works s l o w l y too.

Marie Smith said...

I will be interested to see if the magnesium works in the long term, Liz.

I am slow to formulate responses too. I would have been a terrible lawyer!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Anything I've ever read about taking natural supplements says you have to take them for 3 months before you'll see any results. They require a slow build-up in the system, apparently.

Ole phat Stu said...

Also, talking slowly is a predictor of impending dementia.

jabblog said...

What is she hoping to achieve, other than upsetting you?

Ann said...

Kind of makes you wonder why that person keeps going if she doesn't agree with anything

Polly said...

I hope the magnesium works for you Liz.

Boud said...

So annoying to come up with the great response hours later. Staircase wit.

Abby said...

Maybe the magnesium takes a while to fully kick in?
Your Jesus-denier sure puts a lot of work into her "mission".