Thursday, May 23, 2024


Today was my hospital audiology appointment, a follow-up on the referral from the first Boots audiologist. I was only going for a hearing test but I was really anxious. I don't do hospitals. It's Husband who has the hospital appointments, not me.

I got there and was called quite quickly. All much the same as the previous test except they added in a - hm, what was it called? - tympanic pressure test maybe? They apply pressure to the middle ear and see how it behaves. That's the theory anyway.

After about ten attempts the young woman doing my test decided to call in her supervisor, who was following the procedure online. He came in and failed to do it as well.

Bear in mind I was anxious before I started. By now I was beginning to feel hot and panicky, and fearful I would be fainting soon, because, although they said it was the machine, I knew it really meant I had something dreadful wrong with my ear.

Then her supervisor cleaned the instrument - one of the four tiny holes was blocked - and the machine worked and I was fine. But it could have been tricky had it gone on.

The final result is that I don't need to be referred to the Ear, Nose, and Throat Department, and they agreed with the previous analysis that I have mild to moderate hearing loss. She said it was up to me whether I wanted to try hearing aids so I decided to give it a go. If it makes a difference I might invest in fancy private ones, but for now the free behind-the-ear NHS ones will do. 

I will get a letter in about six weeks with another appointment to go for a fitting. Much as I hate the idea, to be able to be more fully present in conversations would be good.

Waiting for Husband outside the hospital I noticed a new sculpture made out of an old tree trunk.

* * * * *

I recounted the tale of the bible study in the leaders' whatsapp group, and after sympathising Monty replied, "Great shall be thy reward," to which I asked, "In Maltesers?"

An hour or so later he turned up at my door.


Cop Car said...

Have you always been panicky about health procedures, and have I just failed to recall that you've already told us?

AFAIK there is no such thing as a hearing aid that restores ones hearing to "normal" but any of the modern aids can surely give ones hearing a boost. Good luck with your behind-the-ear aids. That is what Hunky Husband wears in both ears and what I wear in my right ear. They are pretty straight forward in use and in care, so I should think you will get along well with them.

Boud said...

I had my hearing test today too! I'll go for hearing aids because I'm tired of straining to hear! I hear you on anxiety in hospitals, whatever the reason you're there.

Marie Smith said...

I need a hearing test. I will be nervous too.

Anvilcloud said...

Hearing aids are one thing not covered well in our system. Unfortunately.

Ann said...

I went for some kind of test one time. During the test the technician had a concerned look on her face which I immediately concluded that it meant I must certainly be terminal. Turns out I was wrong.
Nice that you can get a free pair of hearing aids to test out. I know for my level of hearing loss they make a huge difference. My problem right now is that after not hearing for so long there are times when all the noise gets a little overwhelming.

Kathy G said...

Monty sounds like the best friend ever.

Terra said...

You are wise to get hearing aids, I have them and they make my life more fun and easier. It is so good to hear people and join in. Plus if you need hearing aids and don't have them you are more likely to fall, they help with balance. Here in the USA my fancy $2,000 hearing aids were free with my insurance. Enjoy them.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good that your hearing loss is mild to moderate and not worse! Good for you for getting the hearing aids. I should really go for a hearing test myself. All these young people who work retail in stores speak SO softly these days, have you noticed that, lol?

Chris said...

I've had an ear infection and now have slight hearing loss, but won't go to see anyone yet. I'm hoping it will clear it self! Well done you remaining so calm, I'd have lost patience and left!

jabblog said...

What a nice supportive friend you have in Monty:-)

Abby said...

I'm glad you didn't break the machine and it just needed cleaning. I'd hope they clean it more often! Good luck with the hearing aids.
Maltesers - thanks for the photo, I had no idea what they were and thought only of those cute small dogs.

PipeTobacco said...

My wife proclaims the my hearing is “too” good because I have a sensitivity to excessive noise (noise pollution in my mind). I read back through many posts and commented too, but am not sure what you are taking the magnesium for. I hope it is helpful in what the ailment is though.

My uncle (back in the 1980s when he was still alive) wore the old style hearing aids with volume controls….. he would, when he did not want to hear his wife (if they were arguing) purposefully make a show of turning his volume down on his hearing aids to aggravate her. For whatever reason, this amused me greatly.