Monday, February 26, 2024

The only angry zen in south Wales

Preparing dinner in the kitchen I could hear the boys fighting in the lounge. I went in to suggest they watch television instead only to find Husband was the instigator and main combatant. I left them to it.

Elder Son had a good weekend away hiking up Cader Idris. I've borrowed some of his photos to show you.

At the top, Elder Son on right with best friend.

* * * * *

It seems the only angry Zen yoga teacher in the world is teaching classes in Mumbles.

My Monday exercise class happens in a small community centre. Two halls with an entrance foyer and kitchen etc. We are in the larger hall, and Elaine, the teacher, has rented it for years and years. After Christmas a new yoga class began in the other hall.

The problems began when we opened the main door so we could get some air into our class. The yoga teacher came out of her hall - door to that closed by the way - and shut the main door saying her pupils were getting cold.

Okay, fair enough, a bit of give and take is fine. But she didn't leave it at that. Since then she's had a go at the two women who are sort of on the door outside our hall for the class, as well as shouting at Elaine. And the man who caretakes. Not just once but several times, being really nasty.

Thankfully now she has moved her class to a different location but during our class today she appeared in the foyer and began taking photos of us. We are all going to be scanning social media for anything derogatory. 

I just checked her Facebook page - nothing about our class - and she is all zen and peace-loving on it, giving no impression of the viciousness of which she is capable.

* * * * *
My cleaner is here now so I'm going to go and tidy the kitchen before she gets there! Then I have the workshop on writing a bid to apply for funding. 


Marie Smith said...

What a great photo of your son!

Quite the yoga teacher!

Abby said...

Not a very good zen rep! How strange.

Nice summit photo of your son and his friend. Looks a bit chilly, though.

Boud said...

Yoga doesn't seem to have calmed down that teacher. I. The other hand, she might be even more combative without it!

Boud said...

That's on the other etc. Bullytext

Chris said...

Wow, seems her own teaching didn't help her, how unpleasant. Lovely sunshiny day here today, think you're having the same?

Liz Hinds said...

Thanks Marie and Abby. I think they had the perfect day for their hike although it did get chilly in the snow.

I thought it was a very strange reaction from a yoga teacher.

Yes, Chris we are, though I've been in most of the day, boo.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Where did the snow go in the second photo? Or is it an old one?

Anvilcloud said...

That yoga teacher should perhaps take a class rather than give a class.

Liz Hinds said...

Debra, there was only snow at the top. the lake was further down.

I think so, AC.

Ann said...

That's a nice picture of your son and his friend.