Monday, February 26, 2024

You could make this place beautiful

Please! Don't ever do this! 

I find it really hard to work backwards to find out how old a person should be or even if they were born at that time. I'm currently trying to slot in a woman who should be older than one character but not so old as to be alive at the same time as another, and how old her grand-daughter might be. It sounds simple but it's not, trust me.

Saw this on Twitter too.

Is the world at least 50% terrible? I don't think so. I hang on to my faith that most people are good. In recent years that faith has taken a bit of a beating so maybe it's the last lines I should be concentrating on.

"You could make this place beautiful."


Cop Car said...

Sorry, Liz. I'm one of those cretins who figure out ages, dates of birth, etc. It helps me visualize the people.

Boud said...

I used to puzzle about miss Marple's age, where she's a Victorian from a cathedral close, an ambulance driver in WW1, a fluffy old lady in the 30s, wearing indoor mittens (late19th century genteel fashion), then late middle age after WW2, then still active but arthritic in the 50s. I decided nobody knew, and her speech and thought were identical throughout, so I surrendered. She could have been anything from 100 down!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

They can have time continuity problems like that in movies too. I've noticed several improbabilities in various films.

Ole phat Stu said...

Tip for authors : make a spreadsheet e.g. in a detective story, of who knew what when.

Anvilcloud said...

Something that I have never thought about.

Ann said...

I never even thought about something like that. I bet that would be difficult.