Saturday, December 02, 2023

Tasting tasty

So last night we had the 8-course tasting menu and Husband had the accompanying wine-tasting menu. Yes, eight glasses but "only small ones" he insists. Unlike Slice the Beach House doesn't describe the dishes on the menu other than saying the main ingredient. The waiter tells you when he serves it so, I have absolutely no idea what anything in the pictures is apart from the meat. I do recall him saying there was pickled onion jelly in something but what it was is beyond me. 

We had two amuse bouche, the first one in the image was sharp, a palate-cleanser maybe, and the little ball thing was cheese in a thin crust, and there was seaweed bread.

It was a very game-focussed menu as you can see. I'll see what I can remember. Top line on right, first course, Jerusalem artichoke soup with quail egg and something on the side.
Middle line, from left, sewin in a froth, then partridge, then hare meat and mousse wrapped in something with cauliflower, mushroom, and cavolo nero, deer or venison as I prefer to think of it.
Bottom line, lamb, parsnip and sprout leaf, white chocolate mousse with yuzu sorbet, bara brith souffle with English breakfast tea ice cream

I had to google yuzu to find it was an Asian citrus fruit. My favourite was the sewin, Husband's was the lamb, which was delicious I agree.

Once again appalled at what we paid for a meal for two when people are struggling but am thankful we can afford it thanks to Husband's years of hard work.

While we were dining out in style Peter Pan was happening on the other side of town. Apparently it went brilliantly. We, all the family, are going next Friday but I can't wait so I'm going with Elder Son, their dad, this afternoon too.


Abby said...

Ooh, posh indeed. Happy Birthday to the Mr.!

Boud said...

Just consider that your expensive meal also helped create employment and a demand for high end food skills, too. And for the production of the ingredients. There's that. I like that Mr Finding insists they were small glasses of wine!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

At first I misread "hare meat and mousse" and "hare meat and MOUSE" but it didn't strike me as odd because (a) you DID say the menu was game based, and (2) posh restaurants want to be trend-setters with exotic ingredients.

Anvilcloud said...

I think that's a pretty high class event. Thanks for reporting on it.

PipeTobacco said...

All of the food tastings look really delicious and fun. Except for me, I likely would not have been fond of the lamb. To me, lamb almost always look to “under-done” for me to want to venture to try it. But, I am not a “foodie” regarding lamb I guess, as it is always cooked in that style. :)


PipeTobacco said...

Should have been “looks too” in the above. Sorry.


Marie Smith said...

The menu was a treat. Enjoy the show!

Ann said...

fancy meal. I don't know what most of that was.

Cop Car said...

You treated your husband well for his birthday. Sounds like you had superb eating.