Sunday, October 02, 2022

To hug or not to hug

You wouldn't believe - or perhaps you would - how many bad or blurry or repeated or boring photos one person can keep on their computer.

Google kept warning me: you're nearly out of storage space. I'd delete one or two photos and then do something less time-consuming. But when I tried to upload my holiday photos Google just wouldn't accept them until I made space.

So since Thursday I've been working on 2017, a year chosen at random, and I'm still only halfway through. Grandchildren, cakes, food, scenery. Obviously I want photos of my grandchildren but I don't need ten in more or less the same position but with different levels of blur so I'm trying to be focused. And only saving three of the least blurry ones. Well, you never know.

* * * * * * 

I joined in with the Linden church service on Zoom this morning as I like the woman who was going to speak. (Once we'd got past the Queen bit she was very good.) After the meeting our zoom chat continued and I discovered someone else who's not a hugger.

Hugging is one of the negatives of the evangelical church movement in my opinion - the Anglican church tradition of shaking hands is much more acceptable - and because of that meeting on Zoom has been a blessing. 

Back in the days there used to be a man in Linden and if I saw he was on the door on welcoming duty I'd take a detour and go in through the back. 

I do like physical contact and I'd like to be a hugger and more demonstrative but it goes against my nature I'm afraid. Oh, except my grandchildren of course. I can't get enough hugs from them!

One of my 2017 pics with GrandSon4


Boud said...

There used to be a man who wrote books and went around speaking about hugging, got quite a following. I thought he was a bully. I hate being grabbed by people I don't know or feel close to. I don't blame anyone for avoiding it. Covid has given people like me cover from unwanted touch, an unexpected benefit from a nasty virus.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

In this age of informed consent, it's considered rude and disrespectful to just hug someone and violate their personal space without first asking their permission to do so. If someone doesn't understand this, I don't see anything wrong in just raising a warning hand when they're coming in for an unsolicited hug, while saying "I prefer not to hug, thanks."

Kathy G said...

When I'm culling my phone photos, I ask myself if I would keep it if it was printed out.