Sunday, June 13, 2021

The power of suggestion

Add my hypochondria to a passing comment and that's that.

While we were walking through a slightly overgrown path yesterday Husband said, 'We'll have to keep an eye on George for ticks. It's the season for them.'

A few minutes later I whacked something off my arm. 

A few minutes after that my arm started to itch and I noticed a tiny lump. 

'That's it,' I said to Husband. 'I've been bitten by a tick, I'm going to get Lyme Disease and die.'

Husband pointed out that we don't have Lyme disease in this area. That didn't deter me.

'Ah but we had lockdown. They probably moved in then.'

A little knowledge combined with a vivid imagination is a dangerous thing.

* * * * * * *

This morning FaceBook targeted me with an ad for the Big Bloomers Company. Up to size 36. Seriously FaceBook? You think that's helpful?

P.S. Just looked at their web page. Hmm, maybe I should be tempted ...


Marie Smith said...

Lol. I am as paranoid about ticks and big bloomers.

pam nash said...

True comment for many of us - little knowledge; big imagination!

Polly said...

ha, ha, that's me, little knowledge, big imaginagion! I bought my last knickers from Bon Marche, big and very comfortable :-)

PipeTobacco said...

Ticks are very frightening! They have moved into my region in the last three years. We have a topical medicine we apply once a month for our dog that (hopefully) prevents ticks from biting. I feel a bit nervous about the medicine, but have acquiesced because the ticks seem scarier. I do not know if veterinarians in England recommend it or not for dogs however.

I worry too about Lyme Disease for me too..... it is *rare* here...... but it still bothers me and I do not want ANY tick on me either.


Liz Hinds said...

I'm glad I'm not alone in my craziness!

PipeTobacco, it seems that here the vet can give us a combined flea and tick treatment OR a combined flea and lungworm treatment. As lungworm is present in our area and is fatal we use that one. And check him for ticks.

Anonymous said...

Sue has Lyme disease from a tic bite last year and has been bitten again on Saturday!