Thursday, December 22, 2016

Where exactly is Brynhyfryd?

So I had to collect a turkey for Zac's from Brynhyfryd. 'Brynhyfryd's not a big place,' I thought. 'I'll find the butcher easily.'
It wasn't until I'd done some shopping and was on my way to the butcher's that I realised I didn't actually know where Brynhyfryd was.

Thank goodness for google and the amazing fact that I had a wifi signal (wherever I was).

The turkey had been won by vegetarian friends of friends who'd kindly donated it to Zac's for Christmas dinner, which should be even more special than usual this year as it's being cooked by a masterchef quarter-finalist. Tempting.

In Zac's on Tuesday for the first time since I've been ill and I was touched by the expressions of care shown by the regulars. Gordon, who can be drunkenly rude and obnoxious, beamed when I walked in and came over to me and stroked my hand as he welcomed me back and said he'd missed me. And it wasn't even for my cake as he doesn't eat cake.

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