Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mouldy oranges and other seasonal topics

It's not Kirstie Allsop but it's better than I expected. Although since taking the photo the orange has gone mouldy. 

I finished my Christmas shopping today!!! And this afternoon Husband and I wrapped everything. Now to concentrate on food. Oh and cleaning. Lounge is done and decorated though so that means no cleaning in there until twelfth night. Excellent.

In prison for the carol service on Sunday. Talked with Keith who is being released on Friday and has nowhere to go. He has to see probation and then hurry along to the accommodation place but the chance of there being a bed for the weekend being found for him on the Friday afternoon before Christmas must be remote. I'd have been tempted to gently punch a prison officer to ensure I stayed in until the weather improved I think.

Speaking of security type guards if I were one in a shopping arcade I'd occasionally run through it talking into my walkie talkie and looking worried. Just for fun. And I probably wouldn't have a job for long.

And how can you not love a man who addresses your Christmas card with the words 'That Glorious Lizzie Hinds'?!

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