Monday, December 26, 2016

So that was Christmas 2016

With the Italian in-laws visiting for Christmas we had antipasti for starters. Or does antipasti mean starters?

And a bottle of appropriately-named wine.

Which reminds me that four days before Christmas GrandSon4 celebrated his 4-month birthday.
His daddy is getting very good at making cakes!

Just one of our many and wonderful presents: a basket of totally home-made goodies from Daughter and son-in-law.
Including maple and pecan granola, sea salt fudge, apple and blackberry vodka, rhubarb schnapps, rosemary and chilli nuts, gingerbread body scrub, rosemary and tree tea bath salt, mango and apple chutney, Gower apple chutney and wild plum jam. Pleased to say that everything tasted so far is excellent.

And today, Boxing Day, Husband, George and I enjoyed a lovely walk along the beach and back through Singleton Park.

An unusually quiet park.


Katney said...

Antipasti : anti means before and pasta is the pasta, so it is before the pasta. In Italy, when I was there there was always pasta, then whatever else the meal included. That the antipasti ends with "I" indicates that it is plural, so if you had had only one thing it would have been antipasto. And there is my Italian exposition for the day. My Italian fluency is fifty years past, and Italian words only spring to mind now when I am trying to speak Spanish.

Leslie: said...

Glad you had a lovely Christmas, Liz. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!