Tuesday, December 20, 2016

When the men cook

Husband had a craving for pie and then he decided, no, he wouldn't make pie but he'd make boeuf en croute instead. Posh pie. After much recipe consulting and contemplation he opted for a mix of recipes from Gordon Ramsey and Delia Smith. And not only did he cook dinner but he shopped for it as well!
And very delicious it was too.

Younger Son does much of the cooking in our house and usually he tends to make it up as he goes along but after reading a low carb gluten free cookbook he decided to make one of its recipes: ricotta and rocket cheesecake.
Very pretty and tasted nice when it first reached your mouth but left a very bitter after-taste. I think he'll be trying his own variations in future with less - if any - rocket. (Normally what he makes is yummy.)

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