Thursday, November 17, 2016

Love, happiness and creativity

I fear you could be bored with me talking about a) my birthday, b) how busy my life is, and c) well, that's probably it really, so, anyway I thought you might like this little picture.
I found it when I was looking for something else as is always the case. It was part of a calendar I had some years ago and I kept a few of the cartoons for ... some reason. Just as well I did as I now have something about which to write, which isn't one of the aforementioned boring topics.

I consider myself fortunate in having much beauty, love and happiness in my life and currently quite a lot of chocolate too, in the form of birthday Maltesers. 

I've just noticed a scrap of paper that is pinned on my noticeboard behind my desk - or is that in front of? I'm looking at it so it must be in front of. Maybe. It's possible to look at things and not see them though as I'm sure we all know. I don't know where this scrap of paper came from - and it's been there a long time as you can tell from the number of pinholes in it - but I need to take some of its advice. 

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