Monday, June 02, 2014

This won't hurt a bit

My first day of retirement and already I'm stressed. Partly because I can't find a musician for prison on Sunday but mainly because I had to go to the dentist for a filling.

I hate going to the dentist. Even though I haven't been hurt by one since I was a child I still dread even check-ups, so a filling turns me into a jibbering wreck. Not helped when the dentist says, 'I will drill out the infection and old filling and then fill it again. It's only little.'
'So I'm not having an injection?'
'No, you don't need it.'
'Are you sure?'
'Yes. If it hurts tell me.' (It's a bit flipping late then.)

Well, it didn't hurt and I remember now the last time I had a filling it was without an injection and that didn't hurt either. But I did whimper when she drilled off the tartar from the back of my front teeth.

It's not the pain so much - well, yes, of course it is - but lying back helpless, with hands and metal instruments stuck in your mouth, the fact you can't swallow - which of course you want to do far more than is normal - and the expectation of pain. Ah, well, all over now until the next old filling falls out.

My gran didn't go to the dentist until she was old. (On reflection she was probably in her sixties, and so was a mere youth.) I recall the time she needed a filling or possibly a tooth out. The dentist gave her an injection then told her to sit in the waiting room until it had taken effect. She walked out of the surgery, straight past the waiting room and out through the front door. She'd had enough. I don't know if she ever went back and had the treatment; that would have been a less interesting story.

Now I feel justified in blogging and reading until it's time for circuit training.


Shirley Davis said...

Congratulations on your retirement.

Commiserations on your dentistry.

The first you describe with the suitable amount of um, er, well, the right amount of it.

The second you describe perfectly! We cannot have the same dentist; mine is perfect, bless her, but I still hate it. Now I know why - your words fit the gap in my own. (Pun intended).

katney said...

Any time I see a new dentist I assure them that I have not bitten the dentist for at least --now it is sixty years.

Liz Hinds said...

Yes, Shirley, my dentist is fine too but memories last along time!

That is an achievement to be proud of, Katney!

nick said...

Wanting to swallow is the problem I always have as well. The dentist is beavering away while I'm desperate to swallow and all I can do is make little grunts.

Liz Hinds said...

I hate that feeling, Nick, and saliva gathers - or I imagine it does - even when the girl has that sucky thing stuck in there amongst everything else.

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