Monday, June 02, 2014

The end of the road - and the start of the new one

So I leapt ahead of myself with that last post skipping straight to today and missing out all the weekend excitement.

Friday was my last day in work and it wouldn't have been a typical day if I hadn't spent some time on my knees under the desk jiggling plugs and wires to try and get the internet to work - and failing. My good intention to send out a farewell email to everyone came to nought as I couldn't send anything out all day.

But I tidied and cleared away as many signs of me as I could - including deleting the evidence and burying the bodies - leaving only the memory of me on which all blame can be placed in future. 'That was Liz; she did that.' 

Then finally I joined some of trust work colleagues, though I actually work alone, for a farewell ice cream in Verdi's, where I was given a very welcome gift of a voucher to eat at Slice, my favourite restaurant. On the card Chris thanked me for my' unique contribution', with unique, I suspect, being used as a polite alternative description.
Chris also asked me to recall three highlights of my career. When I struggled to come up with anything he said, 'Well, one of them has to be the time the computer asked if you were really sure?'
'Oh, yes. Thank you for reminding me about the time I wiped the computer completely clean.' I suspect that was his ulterior motive in posing the question.

After that it was home and then out to the Liberty Stadium to watch the Wales rugby trial, the probables versus the possibles, for the summer tour of South Africa. Unsurprisingly the probables won by a big margin but the loudest cheers went to the possibles every time they got the ball. And, as a special treat, dinner consisted of a pie and chips at the stadium. We know how to live.

Then it was off to Surrey for a couple of days with Elder Son and family. The weather was good, the children deliciously wonderful and granny worn out.
 Granny also had to be very brave when GrandSon1 put a worm on her hand. 'Oh that's lovely.'

Now we're back and I seem to have already filled up the first two weeks of retirement without even thinking about it. Dentist today, Zac's preparation tomorrow, Devon for two days and then the sex workers' conference on Friday. Other people take up a relaxing hobby when they retire; I would if I had time.


katney said...

No, really, Liz, that is what retirement is. Ask me how I know?

Liz Hinds said...

We're too alike, Katney. I know!

Rose said...

Congratulations, Liz! Retirement is just another kind of "busy":)

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