Thursday, May 29, 2014

Is that a mask or are you pleased to see me?

There used to be a man in Linden who always smiled. I believe he felt it was his Christian duty and I know others have similar views.

When you approached him he'd beam at you and at first you'd think, 'Oh that's nice,' but then you'd realise that it wasn't a smile directed at you but just a mask. 

Can't be doing with that. On the other hand I don't like people who are dead miserable either. Some people on facebook only ever post grumpy complaining statuses and I wonder if their lives are really that miserable or if they enjoy it. I suspect the latter.

Two young men who definitely weren't miserable or grumpy were the cyclists I met in the woods today.

Clyne woods has long been a favourite place for mountain bikers and they'd erected several incredibly hairy jumps and trails in the past, but recently some funding enabled the council to build more official professional tracks. When I saw that work was to commence I expected - well, I'm not sure what but maybe tarmacked tracks. Nothing of the sort. The tracks are more clearly marked and they have determined that some are ascent only and some descent but other than that there's not much difference

But there are official signs up now saying the track is level red/difficult and as well as the constructed hurdles cyclists should be prepared for naturally-occurring obstacles such as roots and rocks.

I came across two cyclists about half-way up the hill this afternoon and I had to ask: is it really worth it? All the effort to get to the top for a few minutes excitement?
The lads thought about it and then one said, 'Yes, I think it is. We wouldn't do it otherwise.'
'And you could say the same about walking except walkers don't get the adrenaline rush.'
'Good point. I'd better get a bike.'

P.S. Never in a million years would I a) push a bike up that hill, or b) even less likely, ride it down those scary slopes.


Trubes said...

For one moment Liz, I thought we were going to be treated to a pic of you donning shocking pink Lycra shorts, trendy trainers and a suitable safety helmet with go faster stripes on the side...sadly not to be... Think of the adrenalin rush You could burst your Di..xx

Liz Hinds said...

I'll definitely have to consider it, di!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I get an adrenalin rush when I have climbed a hill and look over the town or the country side .. I have just been to France and what views we saw after climbing.

I thought Trubes meant you were going to put a photo up of men I Lycra. Only if they are young and got good strong legs please. Nothing worse than old men in Lycra , strong legs or not :-) ..

katney said...

I am with Anne about climbing to the top and looking out over whatever there is to be seen. (Unless I have to go to the edge.) I will pass on the lycra as well, no matter who is in it. And the speedy trip down the hill.

Robyn Lee said...

I'll leave it to the cyclists thanks. I'd probably fall off a bike. Anyway, the only way I like hills is in a car!

Gorilla Bananas said...

I'm glad you ended with that sensible postscript. There are far less strenuous ways of getting a thrill than riding a bike up and down a hill. I like climbing trees.