Wednesday, July 24, 2013

We're all having a summer holiday

I've had a quiet week blog wise as Daughter and family were staying joined at the weekend by Elder Son and family. Quiet blog wise, noisy, busy and wonderful otherwise!

Do you like the way I managed to dissect Elder Son's head in the photo above?

I'm just working my way through the washing of sheets and towels. It's amazing how many you can go through, not to mention toilet rolls and kitchen towel. Oh and food. I am all eaten out - or I should be, however my good intention to start the diet again today went to pot when I walked into the shop and smelled the warm French bread they were just bringing out of the oven. Ah well, there's always tomorrow. Or right now, I suppose, if I'm serious.

By the way, have I mentioned the printer and my problems printing booklets? Let's not. Let's just say I had to bring my work home with me and then it still involved a lot of muttering and eventually settling for 'as good as it's going to get'. 

I took the copy-ready booklet back to work today to photocopy and I couldn't get in. Not because of all the food I've eaten this week I hasten to add but because the lock wouldn't un. So I had to go in by the back door setting off the alarm and generally causing mayhem. A fitting end to the booklet saga.

Also by the way, I don't think I've mentioned that Daughter-in-law is pregnant again. We are naturally delighted and will await the arrival of GrandChild4 just after Christmas no less eagerly than the world awaited the royal baby. (Only ours will be far the most beautifullest.)

Oh, I've just heard that William and Kate have named their baby after our dog! What excellent taste. Speaking of George, he likes to get in on the action but sometimes the action - or in this case the wine, gets on him.

During the week, and as an excuse to get in out of the sun, I thought I'd make what Daughter and I had sampled at a restaurant recently: rhubarb cordial.

The rhubarb mush - a technical term - had to drip for a few hours.
The finished product, though not very well mixed in this picture, was yummy if a little sweet.


Leslie: said...

Glad to hear your reticence was due to fun in the sun with the family. We are gearing up for daughter #2's wedding soon with a shower on Sunday and the ceremony Aug 18th. Lorne's scheduled for surgery Aug 14th so won't be able to be there... :(

Rose said...

I just saw the news and immediately thought of George. I hope this doesn't go to his head to have royalty named after him:) Sounds like you have had a very busy week--but definitely the good kind of busy. Congratulations on grandchild-to-be!

James Higham said...

Good for you, Liz - go to it rightly.

Liz said...

That is unfortunate, leslie, but his health is too important to you both to take any chances. Hope you have a wonderful time at the shower and wedding.

George is taking it modestly, rose, as you might expect but he did make some mention of a new velvet bed he'd seen!

Thanks, James.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Breeding like Rabbits ,, they like to keep you on your toes , don't they Liz :-)) xx

Liz said...

They do, anne!