Thursday, July 25, 2013

An official statement from George

"It is with great delight that I can confirm that the new royal baby is named after none other than my humble self. Both parents are keen followers of my mother's blog and frequently comment - anonymously of course - approvingly on my 'antics' as my mother likes to call them, or adventures into the great unknown as I prefer to refer to them.

"Their decision to name their new son after me will possibly shock many but those who know and love me will not be in the least surprised. I have woofed my best wishes to them and anticipate regular updates on the progress of the baby I already consider my dog-son.

"Rumours that a knighthood is in the offing are slightly premature but I foresee a flurry of George-themed novelties hitting the shops - if they are not already there. But you may rest assured that I will only give my blessing to the most tacky of them.

"I have suggested to my mother that she should curtsey when addressing me in future but I am sad to report that her response was less positive than I would have hoped. However I have made it clear to her that a new purple velvet rug, as seen in the latest Dogs-R-Us catalogue, is an absolute must for the dog after whom the future king of Britain is named.

"I have to go and prepare myself as I am expecting the paparazzi any minute now and I can't let them see me with red wine on my head. Dear Friends, I want to assure you that any scandalous gossip you may read in the press about me in future days is untrue and spread by that poodle down the road who has always been jealous of my popularity.

"So, once again, I send my heartiest congratulations to William and Kate on their excellent decision to name their son after me. He could not have a better role  model and I will do my very best to live up to all the expectation, heavy though that burden lies on my dog shoulders.

"Your most humble and sometime obedient servant, George (I am dropping the Hinds as befits a dog of my fame and soon to be raised rank - but I say too much.)"


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Only you Liz , ONLY you ,, and who would name a dog George ,, LOL

Griffin said...

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nick said...

How very astute of them to name their newborn after George. George will I'm sure be a superb role model. The new Prince will soon have learnt the essential tasks of rushing to retrieve sticks and refusing to have a bath. Woof woof!

Rose said...

Congratulations, George, on this honor--I'm sure a knighthood is in the offing. I do hope you will remain humble in spite of all the publicity; please don't let fame change you in any way.


Your fan, Rose

Rose said...

P.S., Sophie is so jealous. Perhaps you could put in a word when a little princess is born?

Liz said...

I try my best, anne!

Nick, George is already planning writing his first book, 'Things a Prince Named George Should Remember'.

George asked me to convey his thanks to you, rose, and to assure you that he has every intention of remaining ever so 'umble. He will indeed mention how charming the name Sophie is at the appropriate moment.

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katney said...


Leslie: said...

"dog-son" - priceless. I'm going to read this to Lorne now!

Leslie: said...

I'm back to let you know that, feeling ill as he is, I got a big smile and chuckle out of him. Well done, Liz (er...I mean "George")

Liz said...

THanks, mrsn and katney.

Leslie, I'm glad.