Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What a night!

Three and a half hours of awesome began full throttle with This Little Light of Mine and ended, after the E-Street Band had left the stage, with Bruce on his own singing Thunder Road.

It's the third time we've seen Springsteen and I think probably he just gets better and better. And he enjoys himself so much; you can't help smiling along.

The roof was on for the Millennium Stadium gig in Cardiff last night and it was hot and steamy in there but that didn't stop me - or thousands of others - from bopping along, clapping and singing ourselves hoarse.

We went to see U2 a few years ago on one of their much-vaunted tour gigs. It was okay but it was a show; with Springsteen you get the man, the band, the music; you get to rock!

The tickets specified no cameras so, like a good girl, I didn't take mine even though I knew most people would be using their camera-phones but I was glad because I could concentrate on watching instead of looking for chances to get photos. So we'll have to make do with a photo I've taken from the Wales Online site.
Thanks, Boss!


katney said...


Rose said...

How exciting! And I'm terribly jealous that you've seen him three times:)

Liz said...

It was, katney.

He is well worth it, rose!