Friday, June 28, 2013

What a carry on!

Felt it was time to do a jigsaw so I dug out one of my new i.e. secondhand, ones, this time featuring Carry On film posters and photos. What struck me most was how easy it was to distinguish Sid James' face from the smallest bit. It really is a distinctive face.
Arh, they don't make films like that any more. (Did I hear you say thank goodness?)

P.S. As I'm blogging I can hear Jake Bugg singing, presumably in Glastonbury, coming from the other room. Nice stuff.


Leslie: said...

My parents used to go to all the Carry On movies when they came to town. They LOVED them!

nick said...

I used to love the Carry On films as a kid, but nowadays of course tastes (and sexual expression) have moved on and they're just excruciatingly prudish.

Ole Phat Stu said...

A jigsaw with Sid James face on it?

Must have been a 3D puzzle ;-)

Jim said...

Good to read someone else who admits to jigsaws! See psmv2 for mine.