Saturday, June 29, 2013

Arguing with Mohammed

It's not every day I get to argue with Mohammed. To my relief.

'I was wondering why you've charged us 15% VAT.'
'It's tax. If you're not eligible give me your details and I'll refund you.'
'No, we are VAT registered but I wondered why it's 15% not 20%.'
'It depends on the cost and the country.'
'Yes, I know but VAT in the UK is 20%.'
'It depends on the cost and the country.'
'Yes, I know that. But why have we been charged 15% instead of 20%.'
'Hold on ... I have checked with my supervisor and it depends on the cost and the country.'
'Yes but ...'
'I suggest you talk to your bank.'
'Okay, thank you for trying to help.'
'It has been my pleasure to help you. Is there anything else I can help you with today?'

I should have taken the refund and run.

But it does make me wonder. So many of these large supposedly-reputable internet companies are avoiding tax perhaps this is just another scheme. But surely if it were they would at least make it appear legal?

(By the way, in case you're wondering why I was querying under-payment of tax it was a work thing. And I was only aware because it was pointed out to me by our auditor.)

Then again it's not every day I get kissed by the handy-man who's come to repair the toilet door.

It was just one of those days in work.


Furtheron said...

This handy man... does he look a bit like your husband?

I get so lost with tax etc. I bought some stuff from the USA and it was embargoed by the courier until I paid the VAT on it, I checked they had charged me sales tax. I paid the courier then contacted the company in the USA and to be fair they refunded the sales tax quickly however when they said "We didn't realise you were an international buyer" I was a bit surprised... My address I'd have thought and the huge courier charge they calculated you'd have thought would have run a bell somewhere!

Liz said...

In that he's bald and handy, yes, but otherwise, no!

It was software I downloaded from norton. Thank you so much for mentioning sales tax and making me wonder ... No, I'm going to forget about it now!