Friday, June 28, 2013


GrandDaughter has entered the 'Why?' phase. She's also into animal welfare. When we were out walking she made me rescue loads of little flies that were trapped in spiders' webs between the railings on the bridge. I tried to explain that spiders were our friends but she insisted that I free the flies. It's not that she has anything against spiders you understand; she just doesn't want them eating flies.

However she is less bothered about the welfare of dogs judging by the disregard with which she pushes George and Holly aside when they dare to get in her way.

'Why is the ant doing that?'
'Perhaps he's going home.'
'To see his wife and children?'
'Where are they?'
'In that hole maybe.'
'Because ants live in holes.'
'Because that's where they like to live.'
Why is he going?'
'Because he was confused and that wasn't the hole he lives in.'
'Because he lives in another hole.'
'Look, Granddad's a long way ahead of us. Let's catch him up, shall we?'

It's sports day soon in pre-school and Granddaughter has to practise and somehow it's granny who ends up practising with her.

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nick said...

I suppose as adults we still ask why many times a day. The difference is that usually we don't expect a clear-cut or comprehensible answer. We invariably expect someone to say "Nobody really knows".