Friday, April 13, 2012

A spoiled girl

I've been spoiled today.

Husband went shopping while I was in work and cooked Irish cottage pie for dinner for us while I sat around and read my book. (Irish cottage pie is Husband's take on Gary Rhodes' recipe for shepherd's pie but with beef and Guinness.) Delicious it was too.

And while shopping he bought flowers and an Easter egg to wish me Happy Friday 13th! He is quite my favouritest husband. Today.

When he said he was going to cook pie I said, 'Don't make it too big,' as he tends to cook in large quantities. 'I won't,' he said. 
He tried his best but we'll be eating it for 3 days ... which is fine by me.


Leslie: said...

That's how Lorne cooks, too! I always say when I see him preparing, "How many are we expecting tonight?" I still have leftovers from night before last when he "created" a quite tasty veg stir fry with cheese in it! Yummy!

Suburbia said...

How lovely :-)

katney said...

Mine cooks for two--very diligently. I cook as if all six kids were still at home, with their spouses and kids.

NitWit1 said...

My husband can cook but rarely does. How blessed your are! However, it is almost impossible to cook a reasonable amount for two person households, without leftovers. The victory is when the leftovoers equal one additional meal only!

Liz said...

Thanks, all. I'm being spoiled again as he's cooking tonight too - and not just leftover pie but salmon and gnocchi and something else that i can smell but don't know what it is yet.

Anonymous said...

What a guy!