Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bouquets to Amazon

For Easter I ordered some books for Grandson1 from Amazon to be delivered direct to him. The estimated delivery date was 4th April and they've not turned up yet so I contacted Amazon on Live Chat. 

It was amazingly simple. Sandeep said they'd send a replacement immediately by first class post. 

I am so impressed with the service. After my dealings with Paypal I was prepared for a long and complicated battle so well done, Amazon, on your customer service!

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Furtheron said...

We've found the same - the have taken returns without any question. One return got "lost" on return but they never quibbled and refunded me the money, once a DVD had been stolen in the mail (it wasn't "lost" as the Royal Mail told me, as the packaging had been deliberately ripped open and the box broken to get it out)... Amazon again just sent a replacement asap