Thursday, April 12, 2012

My little foible

On either side of our front door we have small windows with matching stained glass - primroses in case you can't tell from my brilliant sketch. The one on the left as you look at it is the window of the downstairs toilet.

In the evening when I use the downstairs toilet I don't put on the  light until I'm washing my hands. I'm not sure who I think is going to come to our front door late in the evening at the precise moment when my bottom might be a tiny bit visible through the frosted and stained glass and why that visitor would want to peer in through the window, but that's the way it is.

Do you have any little foibles? 


Retired English Teacher said...

I would do the same thing. I guess I wonder why a front window was put in such a place.

Liz said...

And what are your foibles, RET?

nick said...

Jenny is equally nervous about the neighbours seeing her through the frosted bathroom window. I have many foibles but to name just one, I hate leaving even a small amount of food on my plate. It may be worth about twopence, but I still have to finish it up.

Leslie: said...

I would do the same. I remember one house I lived in had glass blocks at the end of the tub in my ensuite, which happened to be on the ground floor. When I noticed the neighbour had a window overlooking that side of the house, I had my daughter stand in the tub with the light on (at night) and I don't think I ever had a bath in that room! I used the shower instead.

Liz said...

Husband is like that too, nick.

I don't know what we think can be seen - or who's going to be looking, leslie!