Thursday, January 05, 2012

What do you do with your spare arm?

We decided we'd stick to the original curtain plan for the French doors but buy the only option available - which is too narrow and too long. 

Watch this space for developments.

** * * * * * 

I've been having trouble getting off to sleep recently, mainly because I can't work out what I usually do with my spare arm - the one that isn't underneath me that is. I'm sure I must have done something with it in the past but just what escapes me.

But while I couldn't sleep last night my head was busy and, amazingly, today I've followed through on lots of the actions I planned. I am quite impressed with myself. Now if I could just remember where the safe place is that I've stored the borrowed book.


Leslie: said...

I know the problem about the spare arm of which you write. No matter how I put it, it ends up falling asleep...well, you know what I mean. lol

CalumCarr said...

Why not put your spare arm beside your clothes? In the morning you can put it back on along with your clothes.

Liz said...

I know what you mean, leslie!

I left my blouse inside my jumper so I could put them on together this morning, calum, so I could have left my arm in there too.