Thursday, January 05, 2012

I yearn for magnolia

So I sat down and had a little think. I planned the colour scheme and chose the colours. Then I went to the store clutching my precious list in my hot little hand.

Of my original colour choices they only had Mojito in stock - and I didn't like that after all. I was determined - or rather Husband had threatened me with no dinner - not to go home without paint so after a great deal of uum-ing and aah-ing and walking to and fro and putting on and taking off of glasses, I went for Cotton Fields and Honey Lust. In place of Mojito I got another 2 colour charts to ponder upon and as I was the only Aged White thing in the section a large tin of white paint prettily-named to prevent me confusing it with juts-ordinary-white paint joined its compatriots in my basket.

By the time it came to choosing a colour for the woodwork I had lost the will.

Next time I'me going to paint it all Brilliant White and give guests felt pens as they enter with an open invitation to 'decorate our room please'. What am I saying, 'next time'?! At our decorating rate we'll be dead by the next time.

Do you remember when having magnolia was considered daring?


Leslie: said...

I remember Denise writing about magnolia and then she changed her mind. I guess it's a colour that was "in" in Britain, but not so much here.

Furtheron said...

what's wrong with magnolia? Never understood colours - I just look for pale blue, or green or whatever... we are planning an assault on the bedroom later this year... Duck Egg Blue is what I'm told... what the hell is that? Light blue hint of green isn't it? I prefer paper anyday - I love paper hanging... but I'm officially weird

Liz said...

Many years ago it was popular, leslie. When there wasn't so much choice.

And actually a lot of colours are magnolia with a new name, furtheron. Papers these days are all very big flowers. We wanted little flowers. Impossible to find.