Friday, January 06, 2012

Oh yes I have!

I've just come back from the panto!

It was great. I had to drag Husband with me but even he said it was better than he expected. And as for the 3D effects! I was ducking behind the lady in front of me to avoid the flying rocks!

It was a very modern panto with lots of singing, flashy lights and amazing sets. What it lacked was tradition: there was no striptease from the Dame or a custard pie fight and not a single 'He's behind you'. 

I suppose pantos have to change for modern audiences. I did enjoy the 3D but still hanker after a bit of 'Oh no he's not.

My first experience of theatre was the annual trip to the pantomime. My mum worked for the local bus company and every year they organised a trip to the panto for employees' children. My excitement at going was marred slightly at the thought of having to go with a crowd of children I didn't know but once I was there, and caught up in the magic - and the smell of the greasepaint! - I forgot my terror and became, just for an afternoon, a sequinned-costumed princess.

And Daisy, Sean's daughter, who is one of the little dancers in the show, was, of course, the real star!

P.S. Widow Twankey at least did manage to retain some of the old-style humour. 'A man came into the launderette wearing cling film pants. I said, "I can see you're nuts."'


Colin Campbell said...

There really is no tradition of pantomime outside the UK. Makes me sad that my kids have never been to one. The other odd one is that they have never seen snow.

Liz said...

Pantomimes are very special although, as I said, this had lost a lot of the traditional gags. You'll have to bring them over to the motherland one winter!