Saturday, January 07, 2012

Whoop! Whoop!

I'm a centerian - my new word! I averaged 106 daily blog readers last week. That's the first time my number's gone over 100. 

I know that's nothing compared to those of you who count their readers in the hundreds or even thousands but it's an achievement for me. And I believe that includes a lot of regular readers who actually come to read what I have to say rather than people who've been brought here by a random search engine.
Some people comment regularly too and I much appreciate those words, and I know from occasional comments that there are other regulars.
There are some blogs that specialise and deal primarily with one or two topics and they attract readers interested in those subjects. While I have my favourite themes - George escaping, Zac's chaos and so on - which are popular with readers too - some of my posts are fairly random. (Okay, make that very random!) I know numbers aren't important but it's lovely to know a reasonable number of you find my writing entertaining. 
I love it when you say that I made you laugh. That has to be the best reason for writing.

So to each one of you 106 I say thank you!


Anonymous said...

Well I am definitely one of your 106 readers. I look in every day as you always have something to interest me (especially George & husband)
Wendy (Wales)

Liz said...

Thank you, Wendy! And a happy new year!

Anonymous said...

I meant to say that to you!
Wendy (Wales)

Leslie: said...

I'm glad I helped you to become a centena-whatever. lol I enjoy your blogs so much, even all the "random" stuff. And you really DO make me laugh!

CalumCarr said...


I visit because you are daft. :) I relate to that.

katney said...

Random is good.

But what is George up to these days?

Ole Phat Stu said...

For that you will be on the Honours List and will receive a CVI ;-)

Rose said...

Count me in as one of those readers, too, Liz! And yes, you often make me laugh--as well as think with some of your more serious posts. I don't always comment on every post, but I do read them all! George, of course, is one of my favorite topics, but I love all the random stuff as well.

Liz said...

Thank you, leslie!

That is a lovely compliment, calum!

I've remedied the george silence now, katney.

Took me a while but i worked it out, stu!

Thank you, rose.