Sunday, April 18, 2010

Volcanic ash part 1

Girlfriend was supposed to be flying home to Italy last week but after a not-too-pleasant stay in Luton she returned here yesterday. She's given up her flat so she's staying with us until she can get a plane out, probably direct to Ibiza now as she won't have time to go home before her placement starts.

She's been remarkably sanguine about it all even though she's missed her best friend's hen night and a family confirmation. 'There were lots of people in a worse situation than I was,' she said. She is a lovely girl.

We've also had a young lad from church staying with us for the last few weeks. This morning I said to Husband, 'Isn't it lovely having the house full?'
He was non-committal.


jams o donnell said...

My sister is stuck in Canada courtesy of the ash. Mercifully she is with an old school friend so things are not so bad

Leslie: said...

Remember, husband has already retired (in his head) and probably had alternate plans for the two of you. ;)

Liz said...

There are worse places to be, jams!

Oh he has, leslie, he has ...

katney said...

That volcano had best stop erupting before July as we are about to book our plane reservations.

nick said...

Jenny has been stranded in York since last Thursday. When she'll get back to Belfast is anyone's guess.

Lia said...

My sons college was closed today as half the staff are stranded in Europe.
Not that he's bothered by it, means an extend holiday for him.

You can borrow my lot any time you want to fill your house up. I'd be glad of the peace, but they do eat loads!!!!!!!!!

much love