Sunday, April 18, 2010

Volcanic ash part 2

Has there ever been a better excuse for not cleaning?

My dressing-table is thick with dust 'but there's no point cleaning while the volcano's still exploding.'

The fact that the dust pre-dates the volcanic eruption is neither here nor there.


Jay said...

Ha! Well, it's interesting, but we haven't had any ash falling on us, and it must have passed over us on its way to you. I guess it stayed up high until it reached those Welsh mountains!

It certainly has caused chaos, hasn't it? Just shows that nature is still a lot bigger and stronger than we are, no matter how much we try to control it. ;)

Leslie: said...

My kinda gal!!! lol

Liz said...

I'm planning on using this ash as an excuse for years, jay!

You and me, leslie!

katney said...

I've been accused of saying "been there, done that" a lot. But in this case, we live within 100 miles as the crow flies from Mt. St. Helens. So been there, done that, and we are coming up on the 30th anniversary.