Sunday, April 18, 2010

Is it supposed to be smoking?

Husband was doing his now regular lumberjacking thing so I volunteered to do some shredding.
'Are you sure?' Husband asked. 'It's hard work.'
'How hard can it be pushing branches through a shredder?'

It is actually quite hard work. The big branches I couldn't force through and the little branches were too bendy to push through. But I'd been merrily shredding for about 20 minutes when that question arose.
'Is it supposed to be smoking?'
'Turn it off!'

It was well and truly blocked.

I did wonder why more seemed to be going in than was coming out but I put it down to an illusion. Although when nothing came out I should probably have wondered a little harder.


jams o donnell said...

Just so long as it was only wood going in Liz!

Leslie: said...

LOL You sound so like me! I'd be standing there saying the same thing, "Is it supposed to do that? So innocent!

Liz said...

Indeed, jams.

Or stupid, leslie!

Lia said...

Your so funny.