Thursday, March 04, 2010

I wish for to go to Widdecombe fair

HollyDog, Grand-Daughter and I went for an explore this afternoon. We decided we'd follow a lane and see where it went: it didn't go anywhere. Probably my own fault for choosing the way, at the crossroads, that wasn't marked as leading to anywhere.

In fact it did lead somewhere: to Flock Mill and Old Heazle's Farm, which in turn led to a quick rendition of Tom Pearce, Tom Pearce, lend me your grey mare, all along down along out along lea .... And Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

We didn't mind not getting anywhere as it was a beautiful sunny afternoon to wander the peaceful Devonshire country lanes. We saw little lambs, a fat pheasant strutting across a field and a hare.
'How do you know it's a hare?' HollyDog asked.
'Because it looks like one.'
'What's the difference between a hare and a rabbit?'
'I have no idea.'
HollyDog looked at me rather skeptically. 'That then puts your identification of the hoppity thing into doubt I believe.'
I shook my head, 'It's March!'

(I had to explain about March hares and I don't think she was convinced but as neither she nor GrandDaughter, who was asleep, saw it, I think I can say without fear of contradiction that it was a hare. So there.)

I'm writing this in Daughter's office. Their garden backs onto a churchyard and tonight is bell-ringing practice. I do love church bells.

And now I'm going downstairs to have a cup of tea and a cookie - yes, in spite of saying, 'If I never see another cookie again it will be too soon,' I made some for Daughter this afternoon.


Ole Phat Stu said...

And were there any gruntfuttocks within earshot?

Trubes said...

Hello Liz, I hav'nt been able to visit my Fav sites due to techy, so, just had a good giggle at your Widdecombe Fair sojourn, very funny.


Trubes said...

P.S. I mean't to say 'techy problems'...oops!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading about your trip through Devon lanes. Wondered if you went to Widecombe in the Moor. My Grandfather donated the Uncle Tom Cobbley stone memorial on the village green there. The Hamlyn family go back many years in Widecombe being land-owners in the area and there is a family grave in the churchyard there. I am quite jealous of your trips to Devon!
Wendy (Wales)

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Sounds like a perfect walk . The aimless kind are the best , after all .
You weren't tempted to bag the pheasant to go with all those potatoes you've been peeling ?

Devonshire Dumpling said...

Hares are larger, and have longer hind legs and longer ears than rabbits do. Pheasants of course have a death wish on the roads but if you are walking they will cross your path yards away. Country lanes normally have cows and sheep wandering along (found them yet, Liz?) as well as the Mother duck who takes her ducklings across a village main road while we motorists all patiently wait for them to cross - and you are yet to mention the foxes, bats and owls!

Widdecombe in the moor is a tourist trap but worth a visit.

Rose said...

I love all these Welsh place names; they sound so much more poetic and romantic than places around here. Of course, we do have subdivisions with names like "Heather Hills" (with no heather and no hills) or "Rolling Meadows" (ditto on no meadows or rolling land).

I'm sure Granddaughter agreed with you that it was a hare you saw--Grannies are always right:)

nick said...

I didn't know the difference either, but Wiki says hares are generally larger and have longer ears. Also they don't bear their young in burrows but above ground. Well, I learn something every day....

Exploring country lanes is always fun, unlike exploring seedy urban back streets.

Liz said...

Not that I noticed, stu. But they could have been behind the hedge-wanglers.

Good to see you, Di.

Oh, I shall have to try to get there one day, wendy.

It was tempting to send HollyDog in, s&s.

Yes, I'm sure it was a hare, DD. So far I've only met cows when in the car. I do not fancy being pinned against a hedge by an over-friendly moo-cow!

That's what I keep telling GrandDaughter, Rose!

There's lots to be seen in back streets too, nick, although I suppose if they're very seedy you might not want to see it!

Leslie: said...

Ah, those are the kind of strolls I enjoy! And I always take my camera because you just never know when you'll catch sight of a hare...or a rabbit. :D