Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Oh aar

I'm in Devon at the moment helping Daughter. Primarily that means walking HollyDog.

We usually walk in the grounds of Killerton Estate, a National Trust property. It's excellent for dog-walking as it's a mix of open spaces and woods. I've got to know it well over the last few months but it's a good job Holly knows her way back to the car as every time I think I know where a path is leading, we end up somewhere else.

It's very much gentry country and most of the dog-walkers are green-welly-wearing spaniel owners. They're awfully nice and pass the time of day, commenting on the weather, giving me the opportunity to put on my telephone voice and say, 'Oh, yes, it's terribly muddy here.'

Unfortunately when faced with having to make conversation with anyone other than Holly or myself, I get flustered and turn into a yokel. 'Urm yeurh.'

Mud-caked trousers and fell-out-of-bed hair probably don't help either.


NitWit1 said...

I need to walk the dog around my area and see if I meet such interesting conversationalists!

Leslie: said...

Oh but you must be having such fun with Holly and in between times with baby Elin.

We were just discussing the idea of getting a dog the other day, and decided we need to wait until we know for sure if we're to end up in London in 2012 or not. Once that's decided then we can figure out when a good time would be to get one. As you well know, they take a lot of care and attention. And right now we need to be ready to up and go anywhere anytime.

Furtheron said...

Be yourself!!!

Why worry about it. Firstly you are as valid a person as the next person... bar none! Everyone has the same right to be themselves as anybody else.

Next time one of them passes the time of day say something like "I'm visiting actually, I've a new grand-daughter... here let me show you a picture..." :-)

So who is trying to keep George under control whilst you are away?

Liz said...

I doubt if you would, nitwit!

Wise, I'm sure, leslie.

No-one keeps George under control, furtheron ...

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