Friday, December 11, 2009

Quick catch-up

I'm home. Briefly.

In prison this morning, work this afternoon and off to Surrey tonight to visit Elder Son and Daughter-in-law.

The night before last I phoned Husband. He said, 'There's good news and bad news.'
I sighed. 'Tell me the good news.'
'Your cooker has arrived.'
'Yay! ... Oh no, don't tell me it's the wrong one!'
'No, it's the right one.'
'You've broken it!'
'What's the bad news then?'
'I've broken a dish.'

Phew. Is that all?

So when I got home last night the cooker and hood had been fitted, as had the replacement glass doors. The waste disposal was working and Daft Dai had even fixed the bath taps (the ones that we'd been without for about three months or more). It's like all my birthdays at once!

The house is still a tip, the kitchen has to be painted and the granite worktop finished, but there is hope now.

And Grand-Daughter is absolutely perfect. I know all grannies say this about their grand-children but she really is. Here she's saying, 'No, granny, I'm not going to open my eyes in this bright sunlight!'


Furtheron said...

She is perfect... until my first grand child comes along....

NOTE - for either of my children reading this... that I hope is some years away!

Leslie: said...

She really IS a keeper! BIG GRIN!

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

She's beautiful!

MaryB said...

She is beyond precious! I know you must be beside yourself with joy - your sweet babe AND the cooker in place!

CherryPie said...

So cute :-)

MissKris said...


Rose said...

She is precious, Liz--and definitely perfect!

Shirley Davis said...

Oh I'm getting such a big folder of piccies of this beautiful little angel.

Liz said...

Thank you all!

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