Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Things that make me faint

In the past, times that I have fainted included:
in a first aid class;
when I cut myself;
when I thought Husband had been injured playing rugby;
when Younger Son as a toddler cut himself (I took him to hospital and I was the one who had to lie down);
giving blood (twice - they've banned me now);
and - until today the silliest - when visiting someone in hospital.

Today I excelled myself.

I fainted at the optician's.

Okay, I didn't actually faint but I had to ask if I could lie on the floor. Twice.

But my eyes are fine.


Anonymous said...

hope you are ok

i very dramatically fainted at college (long time ago) and cut my head (needed stitches) :(


Leslie: said...

Oh my goodness! Do you need a checkup? I fainted in the dentist's chair once!

CherryPie said...

So why did you have to lie down two times at the opticians????

Anonymous said...

because the optician
was a real hunk? ;-)

Anonymous said...


Furtheron said...

My most embrassing one was after a minor surgical procedure... you know the one that men have when thier wives are serious about the "I'M NOT GOING THROUGH THAT AGAIN!"...

Anyway - job done (ahem) and was just signing the forms in the reception when I went flat out... Crash team arrive and a doctor asks what is going on, the nurse quietly said "He's just had a vasectomy". "Sorry" shouts the doctor so the nurse shouted back. My wife's concern for me evaporated in a minute as all eyes in the reception turned towards us.

Furtheron said...

How do you know your eyes are ok - did you do the eyetest from the floor? :-)

James Higham said...

Nothing wrong with lying on the floor if you need a lie down.

Grandmotherhood is a big strain.

CherryPie said...

LOL :-)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Liz, hope you are ok..I think a check would be best...I had one today, and I have Low Blood Pressure, which now leads to me having some blood tests done....!

I would get checked out for the bestx

Anonymous said...

Do hope that you are okay. I have had a couple of dizzy spells lately. Took my blood pressure and it was quite low so am going to be checked at the surgery. Maybe Anne is right and you may have the same and need a check.
Wendy (Wales)

Rose said...

I fainted while having a flu shot two years ago--haven't gotten one since! Hope you're ok, Liz; being a grandmother can be tiring at times.

MissKris said...

i fainted once. I'd been horseback riding all afternoon in over 90-degree heat. I was standing with my back resting against a pole on someone's patio and I remember the world going black and slowly slithering down the pole 'til my bottom rested on the ground. Heatstroke. I almost died of embarrassment, too. Mercy, girl...you black out quite a bit, haha! Maybe it was a good thing you WEREN'T there to see Granddaughter born!

Liz said...

Thanks all for your concern. I'm sure I'm fine, it's just that I have a phobia about blood ... and hospitals ... and most things even slightly medical!

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