Friday, August 28, 2009

Saturday Photohunt - Surprise

SURPRISE! A message in a bottle!

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Carver said...

I'm glad I clicked to enlarge and saw that it had a message saying finding life hard. Great idea for the theme. At first I thought it had money in the bottle. Now that would have been a pleasant surprise.

Photo Cache said...

Oh that's the surprise I've been waiting all my life :)

Great find.

Annie said...

Excellent. I'm glad I enlarged it too. Now I've got that Police song in my head. :)

Have a great weekend!

Mar said...

And the message is very meaningful!! Great take on the theme, I too have Police's song in my head!!

Surprise! my post is up...

nick said...

For some reason that reminds me of that old message motorists used to have on their rear windscreen - If you can read this, you're too close....

CherryPie said...

Thats brilliant I think you will win the prize for the most inventive this week :-)

Colin Campbell said...

Set up? Very cute

James Higham said...

What was the message inside?

jmb said...

What a truly great surprise to find on the beach.

Happy weekend Liz.

upto6only said...

i haven't seen any bottles with a message inside. Nice one.

Happy weekend. Mine is up too

YTSL said...

So cool! When I was a kid, I sent off a couple bottles filled with messages an experiment. (Short story: experiment failed - got no answers.) Would love to find one on a walk along a beach! :)

ancient one said...

I was about to say... no fair ... tell us what the message said.. then I saw Carver's comment and decided I'd go back and click on the bottle... This was a great surprise for the theme...

gengen said...

Very good choice for the is a surprise indeed. Happy weekend and mine is ready.

Bengbeng said...

a message in a bottle is an exciting idea :)

candi said...

What a lovely surprise! Great idea for the theme! I too thought it had money to start with:)

Happy weekend!

CRIZ LAI said...

Very creative Liz...

julie said...

Message in a bottle... my kids (and I ) love this song :)

Jay said...

That's a GREAT photo! Worth of poster status, I'd say!

But tell me - is it instructions on what to do if I'm finding life hard? Now that would be a great find! LOL!

Life Ramblings said...

i love your idea this week. well done Liz.

Heidi said...

Very fun! What a surprise that would be!
If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.

Gattina said...

What message was it ? somebody stuck on an island ?

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