Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wasame in Tanzania

Elder Son is a music producer and he's currently involved in a project to release a CD to raise money for The Emmanuel Center in Tanzania.

The Emmanuel Center is a youth haven in the town of Moshi, Tanzania, and is home for a number of boys who are in some way disadvantaged. Some have HIV/AIDS; others are orphans or formerly homeless children. The center works to provide them with a place of safety as well as food, clothes and educational support.

The track, entitled ‘Wasame’, written by Raymond, a 27 year-old mentor to the Emmanuel Center children, has already been recorded, sung by Raymond and boys from the Center. The track , which also features the voice of Revolution, a London-based rapper (seen interviewing and talking in the video), speaks of God's overwhelming forgiveness and is performed entirely in Swahili.

What Elder Son and Revolution want to do is find funding for the pressing of the track so that all monies raised from the sale of the single CD can go straight back to Emmanuel Center, to help maintain its provision.

Please watch the video. if you'd like to support - or be informed when the CD is available - go to


James Higham said...

Is he old enough to be a music producer?

Gledwood said...

Is it named after Emmanuel Kant?

Gledwood said...

By the way, who is Emmanuel Kant~~?

Devonshire Dumpling said...

You don't know who Emmanual Kant is, Gledwood? You shock me to the core with your total ignorance!

ps: can someone please email me with the answer as to who this geezer is? Ta.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Wow, all the very best of luck to them for a very worthwhile cause.

Rose said...

You must be very proud of Elder Son, Liz; this looks like a very worthy cause.

Furtheron said...


Liz said...

Oh yes, james!

Maybe not, gleds. More likely Immanuel meaning God with us. And I have no idea who Mr Kant is either. Did you make up his name?!

I think it's made-up, dd.

Thank you, puss, rose and furtheron.

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