Thursday, November 13, 2008

Round the cliffs

Husband is working from home today and that means that the estate car is here and that means I was able to take George round the cliffs. (I still haven't got a harness for him that I can use in Betty.)

It was a grey day but we like it like that because you don't get many out there in miserable weather. This is looking towards Langland from the top cliff path, from the bit where I always do my aeroplane impersonation.

It wasn't cold though. In fact George needed to cool down when we got onto the beach.Do you remember the Osborne Hotel at Rotherslade, aileni? These are the apartments that have replaced it. It was the last of the local beach hotels to go. The Caswell and Langland Bay hotels were both demolished ages ago. Popular wedding reception venues now are the Oxwich Bay and King Arthur Hotels. Or, if you're wealthy beyond your dreams, Fairyhill.


Leslie: said...

Wow! I bet the residents have fantastic views from there. I think I'd do aeroplane impressions from up top, too! lol

Ellee Seymour said...

I would loved to have joined you on this lovely trip.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Liz - Siani covered Langland/Rotherslade last year. I was last in the Osborne when visiting with an actor friend who was in the Archers at the time - in about 1960.
Fairyhill... !!?

Dragonstar said...

Those flats are rather smart!

I can tell George is a sea-dog. I remember the video of him being attacked by small waves - different dog now!

Suburbia said...

That first view looks a wonderful place to walk. George is soooo photogenic isn't he?!

Mean Mom said...

Good photos. You've reminded me that I haven't walked by the sea at all this year. (sigh) It must be good to have the sea close by.

Belated happy birthday! Son's card was very cheeky! Have you got your present from Amazon/husband, yet?

Rose said...

Ooh, if I lived anywhere near this beautiful sea, I'd find a way to go there every day! I bet George loved it.

Younger Son's birthday card looks like the ones my children send me. I have to stay one step ahead of them to prove I'm not ready for the nursing home yet:)

Glad you had a wonderful birthday dinner with your husband; I'm sure Amazon will deliver soon. (Or is that where he bought your anniversary card, too?)

James Higham said...

Fabulous walk that would have been, Liz.

Liz Hinds said...

They certainly do, leslie.

It would have been lovely to have had your company too, ellee.

The Archers? Aileni, you know someone who was in the Archers? And i know you so that almost makes me know sonmeone who was in the Archers ...
Fairyhill = posh country house hotel near Reynoldston.

Yes, dragonstar, his first trip to the beach he wouldn't go near the sea!

MM, yes, I have received Husband's presents: Juno and Sex and the City DVDs. I foresee some nice girly evenings for me!

rose, walking by the sea is my absolute favourite thing. Don't remind me about my anniversary card! Husband is getting a reputation, isn't he?!

It was, james. Just breathing in the air is enough to revive me.

CherryPie said...

That pic of George is just so adorable :-)

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