Friday, November 14, 2008

Today in work

The automatic heating controls aren't working in Linden so, if I want heating upstairs in the office, I have to run down to the kitchen and press a button. That will give me one hour's heat. Trouble is that it warms me up and then gradually I get cold but I don't realise until I'm brr-cold. So I've come home chilled to the marrow.

And what's more, while I'm in grumbling mood, there was only a little drop of milk there too. I had one cup of tea okay but when I had my second one at lunchtime I had to water down the milk in order to have enough. Urgh, take my advice: don't water down milk. It doesn't work.

Anyway, as I said last week, one of my jobs is to do the weekly notices, both in paper and big screen format. I try to include birthday greetings and my boss tells me off if I don't put my own birthday in so this is the cartoon I used to illustrate my birthday last week.

P.S. Since having a new puta I haven't been able to use the scanner so I had to take a photo of this.

P.P.S. I promise (to try) not to mention my birthday again. Until next year.



Anonymous said...

Uuuuuuggggggh, watered down milk is disgusting, almost as bad as watered down eggs used in French toast.

Sorry you were cold my lovely. xx

Anonymous said...

Really loved the verse and pic!
Bad luck about the milk and the cold - really felt for you. Things can only get better?!
Wendy (Wales)

Leslie: said...

Heck, you should be celebrating your whole birthday MONTH~that's what I do now. If you can't beat it, might as well celebrate it, I say. Love the cartoon - I'm sure everyone had or will have a good chuckle! Oh....and I agree, NEVER water down the milk - AGH! I ran out last night so had one of those "specialty coffees" this morning - Swiss Mocha flavour! yum.

Suburbia said...

Gosh.........was it your birthday recently ;)

Dragonstar said...

Yup, Leslie's right! Celebrate before and after.
Love the picture. Do you need to install vista-compatible drivers for the scanner? That's a real bind!

CherryPie said...

Love the picture. I am with Leslie, I always think of ways to spin out my Birthday. It includes holidays and visits to London ;-)

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