Thursday, November 13, 2008

Birthday card from Younger Son

Although the tin opener is probably more use.

By the way, I bought another new tin opener this morning and I've put it straight into the cutlery drawer. So when I say, 'Where is the tin opener?' please remind me.

Anyway, my birthday, yes. Thank you all for your greetings, and thank you, Amanda, for the special birthday candle post, and Furtheron and Leslie for my e-cards. I had a lovely day. I intended to work hard and catch up on the backlog of articles I have to write but somehow I kept getting distracted ...

Husband arrived home last night with his suitcase in one hand, his laptop and flowers in the other, and a fun-size pack of Maltesers between his teeth. I opened the door for him - and grabbed the Maltesers!

When we arrived at the restaurant the waitress brought out a bottle of champagne. 'It's from your uncle.' He'd phoned me earlier in the afternoon to apologise for missing my birthday and I'd mentioned that we were eating at PA's. It was a lovely gesture - but I don't drink! Husband enjoyed himself though.

And I still have Husband's present to come. He blames Amazon; I blame him for being a cheapskate and not ordering it for next-day delivery!


Anonymous said...

awwwww sounds like a lovley day... :0)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Happy Birthday...pleased you had a great day..How sweet of your is the thought that counts. :-)

Love Maltesers...have you seen the great adverts on tv, about Maltesers...look out for them if you haven't seen them.!!

Furtheron said...

Yes well my son is blaming "a problem at Amazon" for why his present for his sisters up coming 13th birthday is not going to arrive giftwraped and could we "wrap it up for him"....


Dragonstar said...

Amazon has been known to mess things up, so it's a reasonable excuse.

I love the card!

Elizabeth said...

Yes! our children are rather good at reminding us of our antiquity - and failings!

Suburbia said...

I'm still waiting for my birthday pressent!! Hope yours is a bit quicker!

Katney said...

I sent an e-card, too--at least I tried. I think it went amiss and then I got waylaid and forgot to try again. Maybe I should do a day after your birthday one. Anyway, happy day after your birthday and I'm glad it was a good one.

Liz Hinds said...

It was, amanda.

I haven't seen the adverts, anne. I will have to look out for them.

my presents arrived this morning, furtheron, but not gift-wrapped!

It's appropriate, isn't it, dragonstar?

I'm afraid they are, elizabeth.

Dvds of Juno and Sex and the City, suburbia. Lots of nice girly entertainment for long lonely evenings - when I could be blogging!

Thank you for nearly sending me an e-card, katney! And your good wishes.

Leslie: said...

I'm happy for you that your day was good - I'd have rather had the malteasers than the champagne, too! lol But it was a nice touch from your uncle. Have a great "day after." :D

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