Thursday, February 29, 2024

How to learn Welsh

 o flaen = in front of (there's an f in front and flaen)

o dan = under (there's a d in under too, and if you say it in a deep voice that helps remember)

ar ben  = on top of (like Ben Nevis)

tu ôl i = behind (because, why wouldn't it be?)


jabblog said...

When our youngest daughter was at Swansea University we played with the idea of eventually moving to the Gower. I said I would definitely learn Welsh. Anyway, we didn't move, but I still would have liked to learn Welsh. Not much call for it in Berkshire, though;-)

Ann said...

I have enough trouble with the english language. I don't think I could learn a new one.

Ole phat Stu said...

Donald Trump is Welsh carrot 🤪

Marie Smith said...

A way to keep one’s mind sharp learning a language. Well done.