Friday, December 08, 2023

Stupid Brexit

So I thought I did okay on Tuesday in spite of awkward woman but I wanted to check so asked Stu, one of the other study leaders. He said, "I think you did great. She was very forceful last night and quite dismissive. I did leave wondering why on earth she is with us, it very much feels like she is motivated purely to get us to see things her way and nothing else."

A relief. I managed to control my irritation and didn't snap. 

Now tonight I'm off to see Peter Pan again but with the rest of the family. The parents don't like the boys' photos being on social media so you'll just have to take my word for it that they are wonderful.

In other news I've posted the Christmas cards and bought all but one present. The remaining one is a little one to go alongside a big one and I cannot think what to get. Now all I have to do is resist the urge to buy anything on a "oh, that's pretty, So-n-so would like that," whim and then have to buy extra for everyone else as well.

I sent a sparkly skirt for GrandDaughter3 and a Marvel t-shirt for GrandSon4 to Italy as I couldn't resist them in Next and they've had to pay ten euros tax on them. They only cost about £25 altogether and they're presents but that seems to matter for naught in this stupid post-Brexit world.

Still on stupid politicians, Johnson has been appearing in front of the Covid Inquiry committee this week. I couldn't bear to watch any of it and I very much doubt that however much the Inquiry finds against him that anything will actually be done. And still people come out to support him and his ilk.


Boud said...

I hear your despair about Bxxxx. He had no concern about Covid till he got it, and still did nothing to stop the racketeering around protective gear.

I remember one time before when the taxes on presents were more than the cost, sigh.

So difficult lady is an equal opportunity bully, it seems.

Boud said...

Maybe you need a rx of Maltesers about now?

Anvilcloud said...

Mailing internationally is very dear here in Canada. In fact mailing anything anywhere at any time.

Cop Car said...

For a split second I failed to recall that ours is not the only country with a dubious Johnson in a position of power.