Sunday, August 14, 2022

Maskless in Mumbles

Went shopping without a mask for the first time this morning. Was I brave or silly?

Set off early to avoid the traffic chaos that is the road to Mumbles on a sunny day but found I was so early the shops weren't open, at least not the ones I wanted.

Tesco's was but too early for bread so had to go to the co-op in Sketty (opposite direction) as well where I found some bread. Then on my way back to the car I panicked remembering Husband commenting that, "We don't seem to have much meat for everyone for dinner tonight."

Went back to the co-op and bought extra meat and pizza for children.

Instead of a barbecue I have planned a cold buffet type meal with lots of cheese, meat, dips, cheese, bread, cheese; you know the sort of thing. I kept seeing pictures on Twitter of lovely cold platters people had made. I suspect mine will look less fancy but still taste good.

And now the fancy takes me to do some stuffed tomatoes as seen in a magazine. Why have an easy life when you can make it complicated?

* * * * * * 

Friday night GrandSons 1 and 3 had a sleepover with us as Elder Son and Daughter-in-law were going to a 40th birthday party. Don't they look gorgeous?


Ole phat STU said...

Silly. Masks protect you and others regardless if some people say they are not required.

Liz Hinds said...

Okay. I'll wear them again! It was very early and very few people about.

Anna said...