Friday, August 05, 2022

Granny Day No. 1

Today was the first Granny Day of the summer. GrandSon1 and I went bowling, had a swim, visited a castle, and ate ice cream.

I lost both games.

The castle dungeon and whipping pillar.

Salted caramel and shortbread sundae.

A lovely day but came home to a rejection for my novel. I didn't expect anything else but I always hope and it always hurts.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You need a dungeon and whipping pillar right now for those philistines who rejected your novel. (Oh, I know, "turn the other cheek," etc. but, I mean, they deserve it!)

pam nash said...

A whipping pillar might be a good thing to have - I can think of many (tx governor comes to mind), and bonus, you would add the rejectors to the list of whipees. Looks like the Granny Day was terrific so that helps with the sad.

Boud said...

One of my art teachers used to say,of rejection: it only hurts for a minute. And you did have a great day.

nick said...

Never heard of a whipping pillar. Google says you were tied to the pillar and then whipped. Presumably tied to ensure you didn't make a run for it. Decidedly unpleasant!

Marie Smith said...

Sorry about the rejection! It has to be disappointing!

PipeTobacco said...

It is sad and unfortunate about the rejection letter. However, there are other publishers to submit your work to. Lots of folks had to have lots of submissions and rejections before they landed on the right publisher for them!!!!! Do not give up!!!!!


PipeTobacco said...

Look at these facts:

Steven King - 30 rejections before “Carrie” was published.

Ernest Hemingway - 27 rejections before publication.

J.K. Rowling’s - 12 rejections before publishing “Harry Potter”.

Do not give up! Keep submitting!!!!