Saturday, December 04, 2021

Raising my hopes

Remember that ridiculous customs charge on my parcel to Italy? If you recall I queried it with Parcel2Go and they agreed it looked wrong and said they'd contact the couriers. I felt really hopeful.

Today - finally - I had an email from them giving me precisely the information I had given them in the first place. 

If I want to query the charge I have to contact Italian Customs. Yes, and that would cause me no end of stress and it would do no good. Pah!

Meanwhile Daughter also sent a parcel. As charges had allegedly been on the chocolate in my parcel she made sure not to include anything edible, and she put the total value at £15. She was charged £28 duty.

The Europeans are determined to make us suffer for Brexit and our arrogant clown of a Prime Minister. I don't blame them for the charges: it was to be expected as we're no longer partners. What I object to is the impossibility of finding out what you can send and what will be liable for charges - and also I'm not happy that they seem to be making it up as they go along. (If you remember I was charged duty on 14 Advent calendars valued at £125 - there were three calendars and the total parcel value was £125.)

I'm going for a nice walk by the sea this afternoon. I need to blow away my frustration.

* * * * *

There's a new animation on Netflix called Robin, Robin. It's about a robin that is brought up by a family of mice. Along the way he comes into conflict with a big cat. The cat is voiced by Gillian Anderson doing a reprise of her Maggie Thatcher voice from The Crown. The cat is absolutely terrifying!

Husband and I were discussing Mrs Thatcher the other day. Though she was hideous and objectionable you knew where you were with her. She had some semblance of morals and integrity. 

No, I mustn't go down that road. I have never been as depressed by British politics as I am now because I feel helpless. I know there are thousands who feel the same and are totally disgusted with the Tory government but they have a huge majority and people keep voting for them - in spite of everything! No, I said I wasn't going to go here. 

Have a bit of Robin, Robin instead.


Boud said...

I grew up in England, left as a young adult, and I'm sad to see what it's come to. Baffling that the votes still pour in for the Tory party despite everyone's experience of the results of their policies.

We're still in a big fight against fascism here, but at least we replaced the previous person with a decent guy in the presidency. I wish you could dump BJ, too.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

"Robin, Robin" looks like a charming Christmas movie!

pam nash said...

The sea is good for that - blowing away frustrations.

Ole phat stu said...

I liked the song
aint gonna work on Maggies farm no more
Which was why I emigrated.

Polly said...

Don't get me started on Maggie Thatcher.