Thursday, November 25, 2021

I blame Brexit

Spent several hours in the court house yesterday only to not be selected for the jury. If I'd had a more comfortable chair and there hadn't been a television blasting away in the background I could have settled down and enjoyed myself. I still managed to read a good chunk of my book albeit with one finger stuck in my ear.

Maybe next week.

In other news I packed up a parcel of Christmas presents to send to Italy. Younger Son will buy the children's main present and I'll send him the money but I wanted to send some little gifts as well for them to open. And as it's Nuora's birthday too I thought I might as well pop in some gifts for her.

By using a comparison website I was able to find a carrier that wouldn't be too expensive but because we're no longer in Europe there was a customs form that had to be completed. A very detailed customs form, exactly what was in the parcel item by item and its value, which came to about £125.

The carrier website said to check the list of restricted and prohibited items which I did and all was fine, so off it went.

Until it got to Italy where they are holding it in Customs until Younger Son pays 48 euros duty. It doesn't matter that it's gifts; you still have to pay as it's over the cost allowance of, I think, 45 euros. 

Stupid stupid stupid Brexit!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I would blame Brexit too. That's a bummer!

PipeTobacco said...

Perhaps you may want to go to a pharmacy and buy a pair of ear plugs? I can fully understand and commiserate about the difficulty in concentrating when there is unwanted extraneous noise. The ear plugs may help next week be more enjoyable.

Cop Car said...

I give another vote for earplugs, Liz - never go anyplace without mine. Better luck next week.

pam nash said...

The cost of mailing anything these days is often as much as or more than the cost of the item being mailed here also. Ugh!

Furtheron said...

Just do what the pros do I often import stuff from China via ebay etc. It arrives and as I'm opening can see on the form under value they've put $10. Why did I just pay £120 then?