Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Let it go!

I've been preparing next week's talk and as I read back over what I'd written it occurred to me: I am very good at not practising what I preach. 

So much of what I say seems to go along these lines: This is what the bible says but, yes, I know how hard this is and often can't do it. 

I know it may help people sometimes to know that others are human and have the same difficulties but, really, all the time? Is there a point at which being flawed becomes too flawed? 

In my talk I was thinking about letting go, in particular, of unforgiveness. I was supposedly encouraging listeners to 'let it go' while saying I'm not sure I have. 

But then today, continuing to ponder the topic, I realise the incident I was thinking about is forgiven. It's gone, it's okay. But no sooner was I was celebrating the fact that I was okay on that front, than another event cropped up in my memory. And it's not even one I've thought about forgiving - or thought about the need to forgive.

There is a person, not really in my life any more, with whom I have issue. I have been working on changing my attitude for some time, taking action to be a better person, and it is helping but now I see that the unforgiveness thing, which was buried deep, is still a 'thing' for me. So I need to forgive. 

Just me and God. No need to involve the other who would have no idea what I was talking about anyway. Then maybe I'll be able to continue improving my attitude, and have one less flaw to feel guilty about!

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Victor S E Moubarak said...

Forgiving is an action, not a feeling. We decide to forgive. That is, we bear no malice, ill-will, feelings of revenge, retribution or punishment towards the one who has hurt us. The memories of the hurt will come back. Let them be an opportunity to forgive once more.

God bless.