Wednesday, October 13, 2021

If I only had a brain

In Zac's last night we looked at the story of the man Jesus healed at the pool of Bethsaida. At the end of the story Jesus says, 'Go now and don't sin again,' leading to a discussion over whether it was his sin that crippled him.

'Perhaps he was having an affair with a married woman and he broke his back when he fell out of the window trying to escape from her husband,' I said.

Everyone burst out laughing. 'Are you in the middle of writing another novel, Liz?'

'No.' But perhaps I should be. It might be a more appropriate use of my imagination. I must try to think before I speak.

The discussion continued and broadened and I was about to say something but I gave way to another speaker. When the man had finished Sean said, 'I'm aware Liz wanted to say something,' he glanced at me, saw the look on my face, and said, 'so I'll give her a minute to remember what it was!'

'If I only had a brain.'

Today I was back in Zac's cooking chilli. I think I'm quite a good cook but I KNOW I'm a very messy one. Hence today you would have found me shifting the freezer so I could sweep up the raw mince that had fallen behind it. 

The only surprise is that it hasn't happened before.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Bible stories could use some more details and imagination. Just think of yourself as God's Ghostwriter!

Janie Junebug said...

I like Debra's comment. I think you need to start that novel about the man who's involved with a married woman.


pam nash said...

I don't know - sounds as good as explanation as any!