Friday, June 18, 2021

Humphing about herons

I can't help thinking that sometimes Husband takes advantage of my naivety/stupidity.

After a heron (we think) ate our fish, and the woman in the shop refused to sell us any more unless we promised to protect them, we've had this rather elegant wood and metal thing over the bottom pond. For years that is. Then when Husband put fish in the top pond too, earlier this year, he made a fetching arrangement of old oven shelves and grills. It really adds to the scenery, don't you think?

And you can see from the pigeon sticking his head in the water how effective that is.

Well, today I happened to see an advert for pond netting. Yes, you can buy netting to protect your fish without resorting to mediaeval methods. 

I told Husband I was ordering it. He humphed about his method being better at keeping herons out.

I tried to reassure him, 'It says, "protects against predators.'

'Does it mention herons?'

'No, but it also says "protection guaranteed.'

He humphed some more. He can humph; I am buying some.

But I will keep him because he does mow a jolly good lawn.


pam nash said...

In my pond days, we also had herons walking around the edges looking for easy dinner. Bird netting works pretty well as long as it's well anchored down. Good luck!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

No more free lunches!

Marie Smith said...

Netting is a great idea! We need it over fruit trees here.

Polly said...

That's a fine looking lawn, a very good reason to keep him!

Janie Junebug said...

Yes, I would keep him for the lawn mowing. Use ear plugs when he humphs over netting.